1. Why Internet Advertising?

Pew Internet and American Life Study, Search Engine Usage

Next-Generation Internet Advertising, from Read/Write Web
25% of daily search queries on google are new!

SEO News, Search Engine Statistics

Search Engine Stats from Wikipedia

Search Engine Watch: Why Internet Advertising Works

2. Get Ready, Get Set up

Don't have Salesforce?.
Visit the Foundation
and read through the links that step you through the product donation process

Don't have GoogleAdWords?
You will need to set up an account and it's free

(or if you have Salesforce up and running, you can sign up from within Salesforce - see below)

Don't have GoogleAdWords budget?

You can get started purchasing GoogleAdWords for a modest monthly budget, but you can also apply for a Google Grant, an in-kind advertising program for nonprofit organizations

Set up Salesforce for Google Adwords

There is excellent documentation in the help tab inside of Salesforce.

If you are a visual learner, check out the flash video tutorial on the Salesforce Blog
And, better yet the tutorials take you in less than twenty minutes!

The set up and configuration steps:

1: Register for Google AdWords
2: Set Up Your Website for Lead Tracking
3: Monitor and Track ROI

The Salesforce web-to-lead tracking comes with 17 reports that track the source of your leads, including keyword, website referral, or ad campaign. There is also a customizable report dashboard.

Want to learn more about GoogleAdWords?

Google AdWords Learning Center had extensive tutorials and explains the ad campaign terminology

New to Google Analytics?

If you're using Google Analytics, it can help you track the activity on your Web site that the campaign generates. It's also good for ad words planning research on the keywords that people are already using to to find your site

A good place to start is the NTEN sponsored a screencast by Beth Kanter, Beth's Blog
Beth's Blog
NTEN Blog Post
The Google Analytics Screencast Companion wiki created by Beth to support your learning

3. Creating Effective Keyword Campaigns

Non-Profit Specific Advice

Interview with Marc Sirkin on "Tips for Google Ad Words Campaigns

VolunteerMatch SalesForce/Google AdWords Case Study

Leveraging Google AdWords for Fundraising

Convio Primer on SEO

Top Ten Targeting Tips by Marty Kearns

Kraig Swensrud - SalesForce Marketing
Webinar/Recording: Marketing in the Age of Google

GoogleAdWords Advice (Mostly for-profit perspective, but useful information)

GoogleAdWords Learning Center

Perry Marshall's Five Days To Success With Google AdWords
Designing Web Ads Using Click Data by Jacob Nielsen
Self SEO
Boris Mordkovich's Keyword Advice
Ten Tips for Getting Started with Google AdWords
Which Keyword Research Tool To Use
Keyword Tips for Writing Powerful Google Ads
Google AdWords Tips
Turning Dimes Into Dollars: The Basics of Low-Bid PPC
Interview with Andrew Goodman

4. Campaign Tips