Production Plan

1. Audience Identification:
Who is the audience and what problem does this solve for them? What type and level of user? Describe organizational context.

2. Learning Objectives:
What will be people be able to understand or what task will be they be able to accomplish as a result of watching this screencast and reading accompanying material?

3. SalesForce Nonprofit Community Liaison: T
he names and contact information 1 or more individuals who have subject matter expertise in using SalesForce to achieve the learning objectives. These individuals provide content, review the script, and their voices and desktops will appear as actors in the screencast.

4. Script/Storyboard:
The script will describe the concepts or tasks that will be shown.
The story board will outline the visuals for each segment.

5. Production:
Facilitated user-generated content. Beth will narrate and shoot, but will incorporate the voices (audio) and "face" of community members.

6. Editing: Pull screencaptures into Camtasia for final editing.

7. Rendering: Render in flash. If possible make, version for YouTube/Blip.TV.

8. Marketing/Distribution: