Notes from Session with Rob

Need to understand the relationships between a contact and organization
the whole concept of campaigns won't understand

Contact needs to be attached to an organization

"Individual" a catch-all - no affiliation
once you find out where you work, associate where he works

Basic architecture
every tab - listview

Default set up for the 5th generation of the nonprofit template
Campaigns tab is now Campaigns is appeals

one-to-one at the top
one-to-many relationships

campaign -- Communication effort directed a group of contacts to do something

Want to see who has been emailed re: ice cream social
Know how to communicate
LInks to a mass email tool such as vertical response

Decided to capture - contact's favorite ice cream
special email to people who like vanilla
send out an email to their specific interest - more likely to open it

Campaign specific mass emails
one might get ice cream campaign - with strawberry or picture of vanilla
target specific -

Specific to particular market segments - intereste din specific

When does the point of disminishing returns: Amount of people emailing
500 people in your database
every single one of them a seperate email
that's excessive
depends on the number of people - more than 5 email variations at one time - you're doing the most

Mass Email - use outside system
inside of salesforce - can only email a max of 500 emails per user with a maximum - with max 1,000 per user

For larger consumer campaigns, you need to use an external

Drop Down menu for campaign status

-Dinner Event
did not attend


SalesForce - can't do HTML formatted
If you don't have a system linked, you can export to excel

if you are using a thirdy party solution that is linked
it will automatically report-

make a build out --

Know your rhetoric
know your internal vocabularly

grant - versus major donation -
Know your taxonomy - for your activites

What are some examples - know what you mean when setting your member status values

-May need a partner to build it out

-track seating in theatres
-student enrollment for courses
-track sponsorships for particular events
-bundled a number of seperate campaigns under a larger campaign
-large event with bunch of mini promotions

Need to start communicating with people