Notes from call with Marc Sirkin

Interview audio: ?id=kbui293t

What best practices of planning a campaign?

We'll still learning and that's the point. You need to take a tweaking approach - look at the results and evaluate

If you're just starting, don't enter a million different keywords, landing pages, and ads try to be more strategic.
Start simply with a group of keywords, one landing page and one ad. see how it does and then expand. Otherwise, you'll have so much data

you'll go nuts.

Before you go into the software:

1. Construct your keywords backwards from your goal or outcome - what do you want people to do on your site? If you're using Goolge

Analytics goals, you've already thought through some of this.

2. Goal or outcome should be actionable -- make a donation, sign a petition, request information, read particular content

3. Based on the goal or outcome, think about your messaging and determine the best "landing page" what page on your web site you want

people to see after they click the ad. It has to make sense. Put yourself in the role of the audience or visitor. You can do this on the

fly in google ad words as you set the campaign, but probably better to sketch it out as part of your campaign planning so it is strategic.

4. Brainstorm your keywords -- three or four methods
-Ask yourself or brainstorm with staff - what would you type into a search engine to reach that goal?
-use the Google Ad Words suggestion tool (will show you later)
-There are paid/free services that are worth using - he uses wordtracker (a few hundred bucks) and overture which is free or had free

-Started to use "negative" keywords - or "not" expressions - Pirates, Not Pittsburgh - you're looking for pirates not baseball fans

5. Now you're ready to go into the software and create a campaign and bid on adwords -- you'll need the following:
-your keywords
-your budget - limit is $1 per click
-Your ad copy and position

6. Monitor it weekly - look at the results and ditch ads or keywords that aren't getting you a good return. The click through rate, cost

per click, and conversion goal as metrics in google adwords. Google adwords metrics/reports tell you about what's happening with the

campaign. Eliminate ads, keywords, and position of ads that suck. It is also important to look at your results in google analytics -- which

tells you how the adwords campaign relates to your overall web site. Finally, you need to be able to "source" the people that you pull in

-- so you can take it further. He can't do that right now with his tools .. and was ready to go get Sales Force..

How to learn how to write good ads
-research commercial ads that are popular - and study those ads because they are no dobut making money
-action words

Get more strategic how you pick ad words, create ads, and test .. with the donation - you're not paying for it - but if you get smart about

this and you decide to invest in the google advertising network which gets your ad, in the NYTIMEs, you'll be paying for it and you want to

be sure you are spending your own dollars wisely.

So, now they are being far more strategic - they are looking at monthly trends - the goal is to minimize the average cost per click and up

the click through rate.

SalesForce Integration - Value Added

As a marketing director, I'm trying to get know people better .. I don't want to annoy the person with privacy issues versus what keyword a

user typed in. All I want to